Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dallas to Batopilas and return Summary

Day /Start/ End /Mileage
16APR /Arlington, TX /Lake Brownwood SP/ 178
17 /Lake Brownwood/Presidio, TX USA/ 442
18 /Presidio, TX/Chuautomec, Chihuahua, MX /266
19 /Chuautomec, CHH/Creel, CHH/ 200
20/ Creel, CHH/Batopilas, CHH/ 111
21 /Batopilas, CHH/Presidio, TX USA/ 465
22/Presidio, TX/ Lake Belton, Belton TX /553
23/ BMW Rally Rides/ 50
24/Belton TX/ Dallas, TX USA/ 161

Total Days - 8
Total mileage (approx) - 2464
Total Lodging costs - 139$ (USD)
Total Gas costs - 138$ (USD)
Total Food costs - 85$
Number of times actually on wrong road - ONCE
Number of times run out of gas - ONCE (each, and BOTH in the USA!)
Number of OOH's and AAAH's along the way - incalculable!


Randy Masters said...

nice work calculating the mileage! Must have been tough with the voice data recorder placarded inop.

Mark Wayne Bailey said...

Yeah, I agree. I really don't know what I would have done without the great wing man / co-pilot!